Why us?

About us

Le Phan Construction Co., Ltd has been considered as one of the biggest concrete suppliers in Vietnam. Along with 20 years of experience and capability, we are always giving efforts to deliver the best and beyond values and services to customers.


  • Extensive experience:  Le Phan Construction Co., Ltd is one of the first ready-mixed and hot asphalt concrete Manufacturers and Suppliers in Vietnam. We are proud to be along with reliable outbound and inbound clients, the top contractors and consultant companies.
  • Leading in scale: For over 20 years of developing, we have always been gaining more experiences, values, improve qualities and services, planning and applying expansion to the Company to be ranked in top 500VNR (500 biggest Private Enterprises in Vietnam) with annual sales more than 1500 billion VND, the Company has 1200 employees, 11 branches and hold the capital of 350 billion VND.
  • Leading brand: In concrete supply industry, Le Phan brand is taking honor to be trusted and chosen by clients for important projects, highly required qualities as well as process of supplying and providing services.


  • Sense of High quality: Throughout reality experience and operating in construction industry. Le Phan is always conscious of the importance  of the qualities of products and services. All the equipment system and input materials are always strictly related to standard qualities such as TCVN, ASTM, BS, etc.. and qualified by Quatest and Quacert.
  • Well quality controlling: Since 2003, Le Phan has officially applied the Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 and now is ISO 9001-2015 for all factories. Besides, the Auxiliary control and enhance product features system such as : sand and stone splitting system, chiller system, GPS, ultrasound pipeline pump,  etc.. are also applied in order to deliver to the clients the best products and services.




  • Providing the convenience to customers is always the goal for over 20 years of growth and development of Le Phan.
  • Wide-range network providing: Throughout several time periods of expansion (1995, 2003, 2007, 2010), the network providing of Le Phan has now covered all the entire core economic areas in the South of Vietnam with 9 factories, 16 concret cement plants and 3 hot asphalt plants for ensuring the ability to provide for projects in Ho Chi Minh city, provinces such as Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria Vung Tau, Long An, Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc, etc..
  • Modern equipments: Le Phan is offering the most and modern equipments in the market. All the plants are produced by European technology and fully automatic for providing high quality and stable products for the market. Correlated to the output power of plants are mixed trucks (Huyndai, Fusco,etc..) and pumping trucks (Puztmeister, Kyokuto, Isuzu,etc..) completely owned by Le Phan in order to share the workloads of sites’ progress of all the projects.
  • Human services: Synchronizing with large scale and wide-range network, modern equipments are the experienced engineers and drivers forces, and also the well-trained pump skills workers with highly motivation. Le Phan is the only provider of commercial concrete in the market owns pump factories with over 20 well-trained pumping teams. Moreover, our staffs are always considering “Prestige – Quality – Service – Development” and hoping to deliver to clients the most desired requirements.




  • Research and development: Research and development: Recently, Le Phan is one of the largest providers who have a diversified product portfolio and best quality to meet the requirements of construction sites in the market. Besides, we are constantly improving research and applying new concrete products. High technology concrete to contribute with customers to create beyond values for constructions projects, contribute to the industrialization and modernization of the country.
  • Working safety: As a big company in the market, Le Phan always conceives that Working Safety is most concerned by the customers. Therefore, our staffs are continuously trained on Working Safety regulations and strictly implementing every time, the strict requirements of safe production and traffic safety for truck drivers, working safety when providing concrete at the site are applied by all of the staffs of Le Phan.
  • Environmental protection: During the operation and development, environmental protection is one of the most important criteria that Le Phan is concerning. Non-pollution productions, no wastes discharged into the environmental surroundings are our commitments to the local and the community.