Hot Asphalt Concrete

Supplied capability

1. Network and Hot Asphalt Concrete Plants:

The first hot asphalt concrete plant was established in 1995 in Le Phan – Hoa An Concrete Factory, until now Le Phan has launched 3 Hot Asphalt Concrete plants with  varied network in the south of Vietnam. Besides, along with machinery, modern equipment are imported from USA, Germany and Korea, Le Phan’s Hot Asphalt Concrete plants with capacity up to 240 tons/hour has a ability of providing more than 700.000 tons of Hot Asphalt Concrete every year.


Le Phan - Hoa An Concrete Factory (1995)
Drum mixer asphalt plant, USA origin
Output: 120 tons/h

Le Phan - Nhon Trach Concrete Factory (2007)
Drum mixer asphalt plant, USA origin - Output: 240 tons/h

Le Phan - Saigon South Concrete Factory (4/2007)
Batch asphalt plant, Lintec, Germany origin - Output: 240 tons/h


2. Vehicles – Equipments:

Le Phan Company has invested in a powerful vehicles force in recent years, Le Phan always guarantee with our clients about the ability of providing and professional shipping service, ability of supplying for major projects and constructions. Besides, we always focus on maintenance, repairing and upgrading our vehicles and equipments for delivering our clients the best concrete supplying service.

  Dumper truck:
62 units, capacity of 10 - 30 tons/load.


Vehicle Positioning System:

Manage and control the schedule, position of our vehicles via Global Positioning System (GPS), therefore ensuring the concrete supplying is in progress and in time at the sites.