Capability of Traffic Construction

Supplied capability

Le Phan Construction Co., Ltd is specializing in commercial concrete and hot asphalt concrete, we also own an experienced pavement surfacing construction unit in Ho Chi Minh area.

Through many years of operating, our Construction Enterprise has gathered a team of elite officials, managers and experienced engineers graduated from reliable universities such as University of Technologies Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang,etc.. these people have made variety important works for the city such as East-West Boulevard, Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard,etc..

Our Construction Unit owns a powerful and productive equipment system, ensuring the capacity of pavement surfacing projects such as : roads, bridges, ports,etc..

Steamroller Steamroller Wheel rollers
Niigata Asphalt Finisher Vogele Asphalt Finisher Niigata Asphalt Finisher
Dump truck Wheel rollers Asphalt Finisher

With our experienced staffs, powerful trucks force, variety of modern constructing equipments, we always ensure the best condition of construction and effectiveness with highest quality. We have done many national important projects such as: East-West Boulevard, Sai Gon – Trung Luong Highway, Asian Highway,etc.. Besides, there are also our iconic projects of Ho Chi Minh city such as: Nguyen Van Cu Bridge, Phu My Bridge,etc.. and also other works such as: Controlling Station of Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Lotus port,etc..

Over many years of operating and serving, Le Phan became a reliable company for many domestic and international clients to cooperate. For our every customer we always put our reputation on the top priorities and ready to serve our clients in the best, fastest way and reasonable cost. We believe that our clients are totally satisfied and feeling secure when cooperating with us.


Wheeled Excavator

Quantity : 1

Origin : USA

Power : 115 ps

Color : Yellow

Weight : 11.066 kg


Crawler Excavator

Quantity : 2

Origin: Korea

Power : 135 ps

Color : Yellow

Weight : 20.400 kg


Quantity : 6

Origin: Japan

Power : 32 - 105 ps

Color : Yellow

Weight : 8.000-12.000 kg


Wheel rollers

Quantity : 3

Origin: Japan

Power : 65 - 95 ps

Color : Yellow

Weight : 4.000-12.000 kg


Asphalt Finisher

Quantity : 4

Origin: Germany - Japan

Power : 107 ps

Color : Green - Yellow

Weight : 10.200 kg

  Dump truck

Quantity : 62

Origin: Japan - Korea

Power :

Color : Yellow - Green

Weight : 12.000 kg

  Mixer truck

Quantity : 2

Origin: Russia

Power :

Color : Green

Weight : 8.000 kg