Ready Mixed Concrete

Product description:

Cement Concrete is a concrete mixture that is produced at batching plants and then transported in fresh condition by mixers to the sites to directly pump into precast.

Technical standards:

Le Phan Concrete Factories manufacture the cement concrete products that are strictly checked throughout the observing process, checking and directly test at technical department at factories and Technical Research Department at the company. Therefore, the products when being released satisfy all the technical and quality requirements:

  • Meet the requirements of Vietnamese Concrete Standards (TCVN), American Standards (ASTM) and British Standards (BS).

  • Always willing to satisfy all the technical requirements of our clients.

  • The manufacturing and supply chain management satisfy the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

Type of concrete produced:

Through 20 years experience of concrete supplying for many constructions, projects in the South of Vietnam, Le Phan Cement Concrete has been always researching, improved in quality as well as diversity of product to meet the technical requirements of our clients:

  • The conventional concrete for precast: foundations, columns, walls, floors, factory foundations

  • Concrete for pavement surfacing (Road surface of airport, the foundation of street sides...)

  • Specific concrete products:

Conventional Concrete
Mass Concrete
Flowable Concrete
Shrinkage Compensating Concrete
High Strenght Concrete
Slump Retaining Concrete
Climb Form Concrete
Fiber-reinforced Concrete (FRC)
Early Strenght Concrete
• Shotcrete


  • Satisfy the slump range from 8 ± 2cm to 20 ± 2 cm.

Qualitative criteria and time after concrete released:

  • Retaining slump time: 3 hours

  • Start of setting time: 05 – 07 hours

  • End of setting time: 09 – 10 hours

Net weight:

  • Average : 2370 kg/m3 - 2390 kg/m3

Raw Materials:

  • Cement: PCB – 40 Portland Cement Blended. Nghi Son, Holcim, Ha Tien

  • Sand: Yellow sand with modulus of amplitude ≥ 2mm. Tan Chau An Giang - Dong Thap Province, Tan Ba - Dong Nai Province source.

  • Stone: Largest size 2.5 cm. Tan Dong Hiep - Binh Duong Province, Thuan Lap - Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, Tan Cang, BBCC - Dong Nai Province source.

  • Water: City source

  • Additive: non-chlore additives. From Grace, Kao, Sika

Production Technology:

  • Italy ORU Wet Type, output 120m3/hour


  • Specialized tank trucks, average amount 6-9 m3/unit

Precast spilling:

  • Directly into precast.

  • Shotcrete with the length from 32m to 56m with power from 130m3/hour to 160m3/hour.]

  • Concrete pump with power from 90m3/hour, with the longest distance is 300m or highest 200m.