Hot Asphalt Concrete

Product description:

Hot Asphalt Concrete is a mixture of macadam, sand, mineral powder and bitum plastic designed with appropriate mixture ratio.

Technical Standards:

Le Phan Concrete Factories manufacture the Hot Asphalt Concrete products that are strictly checked throughout the observing process, checking and directly test at technical department at factories and Technical Research Department at the company. Therefore, the products when being released satisfy all the technical and quality requirements:

  • Meet the requirements of Vietnam Standards (TCVN), American Standards (ASTM) and British Standards (BS)

  • Always willing to satisfy all the technical requirements of our clients.

  • The manufacturing and supply chain management satisfy the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

Type of concrete produced:

Le Phan Hot Asphalt Concrete divers in many different types and applied for constructing, repairing, upgrading the road surface, parking lots, streets, squares... with 2 main types:

  • Conventional Hot Asphalt Concrete: A mixture of aggregates (macadam, sand, mineral powder) and adhesive material (asphalt 60/70) mixed together along with a certain ratio in allowable temperature condition. Hot Asphalt mixture is used for surfacing the road surfaces in order to protect from the impregnation of concrete.

  • Polymer Hot Asphalt Concrete: A special plastic concrete with adhesive material is polymer asphalt, designed based on 22 TCN 356-06 standard in order to improve some conventional asphalt concrete features to apply for transport items with highly demanded technical requirements.

Temporal quality criteria since the concrete produced:

Quality retaining time: more than 4 hours in good weather condition.

Net weight:

Average in 2350kg/m3 - 2400kg/m3

Raw materials:

Sand from:

- Tan Chau An Giang - Dong Thap Province.

- Tan Ba, Dong Nai Province.

Stone from:

- Tan Dong Hiep - Binh Duong Province

- Thuan Lap - Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

- Tan Cang, BBCC - Dong Nai Province

Mineral filler:  Self-producing.

Bitumen: plastic with penetrometer 60/70, from Puma, Petrolimex, Stolt

Production technology:

Batching plant with USA, German and Korean technology, output from 120 tons/hour to 240 tons/hour.


Specialized dumpers, from 10 tons/unit to 30 tons/unit.

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