Early Strenght Concrete

Product Description

Early strength concrete is a special type of concrete with the ability of compressing strength within 24 hours, sample cubic test greater than 30 Mpa.

Product Utility

  • Time saving for constructing progress and coffa rotating.
  • Suitable for special constructing technologies such as
  • Use for structures.

Technical Specification

Product: Early Strenght Concrete | In group Ready Mixed Concrete

  • Meet all the technical inbound and outbound requirements.
  • Early strength (18 hours – 24 hours).
  • Slump: ≥ 18±2 (cm).
  • Shorten the time of
  • Optimize concrete grading ingredients, low W/C ratio (≤0.3).
  • Take use of plastic additives and active additives in grading design.
  • Raw materials meet the tough requirement such as high strength concrete.