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Climb form concrete is a special concrete made for sliding formwork construction technology such as cement silos, bridge piers, elevator shaft…

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Product Utility

  • Build the monolithic for structures and the non interrupted circuit for high quality concrete.
  • Saving the constructing and building time.
  • Save the coffa cost, labor cost and price.
  • Finish the concrete surface in higher quality.
  • Sites controlling and minimize the risks during the construction.

Technical Specification

Product: Clip form concrete | In group Ready Mixed Concrete

  • The work of constructing using concrete with climb form need to conform to the requirements of TCVN 4453:1995 (Concrete structure and integral reinforced concrete)
  • Strength, water proofing, anti-aggression and the longevity satisfy the design requirements.
  • The mix design has to maintain the stability of quality suitable with climb form constructing specifications.
  • The development of the initial strength of concrete meets the requirement of the speed of climbing of coffa.
  • The mixture of concrete is workable with appropriate slump to the depth, density of reinforcement and concrete supplying process.
  • The admixture that mixed with concrete making process need to be checked throughout experiments and define the content ratio optimization for different purpose and control the setting time of additives.

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