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Ready mix concrete is a mixture of: cement, aggregates, water and admixture mixed at the batching plant and transported by mixer trucks to the sites.

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Product Utility

  • Applicable for constructing concrete structure and reinforced concrete for civil constructions, industrial factories, precast units, traffic construction…

Technical Specification

Product: Conventional Concrete | In group Ready Mixed Concrete

  • Diversified categories.
    • Compressive strength between 10 MPa – 50 MPa for different building components.
    • Slump: from 10±2(cm) - 20±2(cm) suitable for any requirements for different projects.
    • Waterproof: B2-B12, suitable for waterproofing required projects.
    • Early strenght: After 3 or 7 days,
    • Concrete temperature: min 28oC
  • Raw materials meet the inbound & outbound technical requirements.
  • Concrete grading designed with optimized ingredients.
  • Stable quality.
  • Quality evaluated, check and take over based on TCVN, BS, ASTM or project specification

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