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Asphalt concrete is a mixture of aggregates (macadam, sand, mineral powder) and binder (asphalt 60/70) mixed together with a constant ratio at favorable temperature. Asphalt concrete used for pavement surfacing the ground surface in order to protect the foundation, avoid the impact of environment and traffic vehicles.

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Product Utility

  • Create the evenness for street surface.
  • Limit the direct impact of environment to the ground structure.
  • Limit the direct impact of transports to the ground structure.
  • Workable and road surface forming.
  • High safety level for transports and people on the road.
  • Increase the longevity for road surface.
  • Removable and replaceable.

Technical Specification

Product: Conventional Hot Asphalt Concrete | In group Hot Asphalt Concrete

- Compressive strength
- Marshall stability at 60oC, 1 hour
- Marshall plasticity index at 60oC, 1h
- Marshall quotient
- Marshall stability at 60oC, 24h
- Marshall stability ratio at 60oC, 24h compared to 1h
- Proportion
- Residual emptyness
- Aggregate hollowness
- Modulus

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