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Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) is a special concrete made from a mixture of cement, aggregates, water and fibers. Randomly dispersed fibers or continuous fibers, distributed in one or two methods are put in concrete in order to improve and enhance the properties of concrete, suitable use for projects with high demands on availability tensile, bending, impact resistance, toughness and less shrinkage of concrete.

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Product Utility

  • Reduce risks of cracking by shrinkage for concrete.

  • Increase straining, bending, compressing endurance.

  • Increase bearing endurance.

  • Increase plastic strength and energy absorption.

  • Increase abrasive resistance.

  • Increase concrete durability.

Technical Specification

Product: Fiber-reinforced Concrete (FRC) | In group Ready Mixed Concrete

  • Meet all the inbound and outbound technical requirements.

  • Fibers used for concrete:

    • Steel fiber

    • Synthetic fiber

    • Organic fiber

  • The effect of fiber to concrete depends on the type of fiber and its content used:

    • FRC with low fiber content reduces cracking by shrinkage, used for constructions that have large and thin surface areas, such as deck…

    • FRC with average fiber content increases ductility, bearing endurance, increases the ability of energy absorption, mainly used for air placed concrete.

    • FRC with high fiber content has the ability to change the reacting and destroying form of concrete, creates a high quality FRC used for construction reinforcing to avoid earthquake and fire.

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