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Flowing concrete is a concrete mixture with higher work ability than many other types of normal ready-mixed concrete, flow easily through dense reinforcing bar, high fluidity and anti-segregation in order to ensure the identity of concrete, low porosity, stable compressive strength which create the ability of completing projects in a high level and increase the stability for structure

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Product Utility

  • Faster and easier constructing than conventional concrete, shorten the time of projects.
  • Smoother surface after completing than conventional concrete.
  • Easily constructing with shotcrete and long distance pumping.
  • Use for structure with high density of reinforcing bar, difficulty constructing condition.
  • Take use of flowing concrete doesn’t need many workers so the labor cost is reduced.

Technical Specification

Product: Flowable Concrete | In group Ready Mixed Concrete

  • Comply with all the inbound and outbound standards about technical requirements as well as conventional concrete.
  • Flow: 500 ÷ 700 (mm).
  • Flowing concrete is designed with low W/C ratio, create early and high compressive strength.
  • Stone used with low small size.
  • Optimal aggregate grade.
  • mineral admixture
  • Take use of supper plasticizer admixture in mix design.

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