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High Strength concrete is a special type of concrete, with the compressive strength at 28 days, cylinder sample (15x30cm) >60 Mpa. Made from a mixture of cement, optimized aggregates, besides that the intensity is also improved by using few new products with special qualities such as super plastic admixture and active additives.

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Product Utility

High strength concrete allows to create products with economic benefits, provides the ability of solving technical problems or all of two factors by using high strength concrete (using for high rise building, bridge construction, basements,..) with these benefits:

  • Reduce the size of building components, increase in using space and decrease the weight of concrete, time saving for construction.
  • Reduce the weight and other additions in order to decrease the size of foundation.
  • Increase the length of span bridge, decrease the spans bridge along with load-bearing requirement.
  • Decrease the column and foundations due to spans bridge increasing.
  • Decrease the thickness of slab, decrease the depth of beam.

Technical Specification

Product: High Strength Concrete | In group Ready Mixed Concrete

  • Meet all the inbound and outbound technical requirements.

  • High compressive strength, tension strength, flexural strength and early ege.

  • High workability, slump ≥ 18±2(cm).
  • Mix design components optimized, low W/C ratio (≤0.35).

  • Take use of super plasticize admixture and active additives in mix design.

  • Raw materials meet the strict requirements in making high compressive strength concrete.

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