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Mass Concrete is a special type of concrete, take use of low heat cement or fly-ash in mix design components, combined with aggregate cooler system, special chiller system in order to create a concrete with low temperature, guarantee the controlling of cement hydration during the hardening process.

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Product Utility

  • Reduce the risk of cracking by heat of hydration for constructions with large concrete blocks.

Technical Specification

Product: Mass Concrete | In group Ready Mixed Concrete

  • Meet all the inbound and outbound technical requirements about large concrete blocks.

  • Take use of low heat cement or fly-ash in concrete mix design.

  • Optimize the cement content.

  • Control the temperature of raw materials at the lowest point.

  • Guarantee the lowest level temperature of fresh concrete at the sites and within concrete blocks after hardened.

  • Control the temperature difference between the points in concrete block that meet the TCVN 9341:2012.

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