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This type of concrete can retain the slump more than 4 hours, ensuring the work for special structures or suitable for the constructing conditions with time demanding at the site.

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Product Utility

  • Ensure that construction time for structures such as poles, piles ...
  • Ensure consistency for batch poured after curing.
  • Not affected by factors external impact caused intermittent progress, such as traffic, weather, equipment failures in the construction process ... to increase the safety of the construction.

Technical Specification

Product: Slump Retaining Concrete | In group Ready Mixed Concrete

  • Meet the inbound and outbound technical requirements as same as conventional concrete.
  • Allow the slump retaining up to 8 hours.
  • Slump: ≥ 16 ± 2(cm).
  • Take use of admixture that increase the setting time and also ensure the setting time.

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